Batman: Arkham Knight is a polished, action-packed game with an ambitious plot that tries harder than it should please everyone.     !!LIGHT SPOILERS, YOU WERE WARNED!! A BEATEN PATH At this point,  we’ve seen a whole line of Batman […]

Batman: Arkham Knight | Review

TL;DR   Buy 3 the core rulebooks (DMG, PH, MM). Read the books. Get pen and paper. Play.   INTRODUCTION   When you’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons, starting will be a really daunting task without anyone helping you.   […]

Getting Started: Dungeons & Dragons ...

So I’m starting to paint my Descent 2nd Edition Hero miniatures now, and we’re doing heroes! I’ll probably do the monsters in batches since there are duplicates. I might have some trouble as some of the pieces are out of shape […]

Descent 2E Miniature Painting | ...

Rebuild 3 is the great sequel to the original Rebuild on IOS by Sarah Northway & Friends. If you’ve never played Rebuild, it’s basically a deep sim/building management game where you’re thrown into the middle of a zombie apocalypse, scraping […]

Rebuild 3 | Review

So I’ve recently started miniature painting, so I thought that posting my progress would help motivate me and chart how far I can go. I’m not really sure how to go about these blog posts, but I’ll just detail them […]

Miniature painting: My first session!

First and foremost, I am a huge Bungie fan. I’m sorry, but I really didn’t enjoy Destiny. The single player campaign was horrible. There’s no personal investment in the hero, his sidekick ghost, or his mission or involvement in the […]

Destiny | Review

*SPOILER WARNING FOR BOTH THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 1 AND 2*   STORY   Telltale Games is back in the second season of The Walking Dead Season 2! Lee’s gone, and Clementine’s all by herself now. With no one to […]

The Walking Dead | Season ...

The Walking Dead by Telltale games is an episodic, interactive, point and click story adventure. It’s a story driven by decisions you make, and dealing with the consequences of your actions. Season 1 of The Walking Dead comes in 5 […]

The Walking Dead | Season ...

Halo 4 Review Feature
So what do we know? Bungie wrapped it up, did an awesome and appropriate farewell with Reach, tied up the amazing first trilogy with a prequel leading to the first Halo, and handed the key over to 343 Industries. Up […]

Halo 4 | Review