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Backyard Musician. Steak Lover. Undercover Gamer. Kenneth loves board games, console gaming and music. He spends more time than he likes to admit pondering cynically about his existence, a tug-of-war between existentialism and nihilism.

Rules V 1.01 Established basic rules Objective Players control mechs and try to accomplish the game objective. Game objective depends on the directive card. Setup Decide on the battleground. Each battleground […]

No Quarter Given | Rules V1.01

Rebuild 3 is the great sequel to the original Rebuild on IOS by Sarah Northway & Friends. If you’ve never played Rebuild, it’s basically a deep sim/building management game where […]

Rebuild 3 | Review

First and foremost, I am a huge Bungie fan. I’m sorry, but I really didn’t enjoy Destiny. The single player campaign was horrible. There’s no personal investment in the hero, […]

Destiny | Review