Commission Me

I’ll paint your board game, tabletop, and wargaming miniatures for you. I promise extremely low rates for great tabletop results. This page will underline the entire process, from start to finish.

Contact me at, and let’s get you started!





Miniature Selection and Acquisition


Your painted miniatures can come from one of many places. These include:

  • Currently owned miniatures (from board games or otherwise)
  • Miniature selling websites
  • Spares that I have on hand


We’ll discuss the number of miniatures, and I’ll either purchase them online, or have them shipped to me from you. Websites that I trust for miniature procurement:



Paint Scheme and Negotiation


I own a variety of Citadel, Vallejo, and Game color paints. Spot my library and we can discuss color schematics. These include things like:

  • Hair color
  • Skin color
  • Armor theme
  • Weapon details
  • Accessory color



There may be extra charges for each miniature. They may occur if:

  • The miniature is metal
  • The miniature requires assembly or basing
  • The miniature is large
  • There are specific colors that I need to purchase for your miniature



Painting Process


Your miniature will be well taken care of. My process will be filmed live, and you can review to ensure that your mini has been painted with care and attention.

Each figure will be:

  • Soaped and scrubbed
  • Primed in Citadel’s black primer
  • Base coated
  • Detailed in separate, chosen colors
  • Shaded and Highlighted
  • Sealed with a Matt Varnish to protect the paint



Shipping (or delivery, if local)


Every miniature will be sealed and shipped air tight in a box that will not damage the miniature. Money back guaranteed.