No Quarter Given | Rules V1.01

Rules V 1.01

  • Established basic rules


  • Players control mechs and try to accomplish the game objective.
  • Game objective depends on the directive card.


  • Decide on the battleground. Each battleground is its own playmat.
  • Shuffle the supply deck and place it facedown on the battleground.
  • Shuffle the directive deck and place one directive card* face up.

*If there are special conditions in the directive card, set it up. These include marker tokens, territory borders, or objective points.

Quick start (for 2-4 players game)

  • Each player is dealt 3 mech cards face down.
  • Players choose one of the mechs dealt to them and return the rest to the box.
  • Each mech face card determines:
  1. Starting hand size
  2. Maximum hand size
  3. Initiative (speed)
  4. Max ammo
  5. Basic armor
  6. Special abilities
  • Players flip up their cards to reveal their mechs to each other.
  • Based on their mechs’ initiative score in descending order (highest to lowest), players now choose 1 class deck each.
  • Place player mech tokens on randomized battleground locations in descending order (highest to lowest).
  • Shuffle chosen class decks and draw up to mech’s starting hand size.
  • Begin play. The highest initiative starts first.

Turn Order

  • Draw Phase: Player draws one deck card and one supply card.
  • Equip phase: Player equips weapons, armors, and action cards.
  • Action Phase: Players plays an action or chooses to attack.
  • Regroup phase*: Player stores ammo, plays area cards and sets reaction cards.

* This is so that no players will be able to attack during the first turn.

Draw Phase

  • This denotes the start of a player’s turn.
  • All recurring card effects will resolve here.
  • Players may draw above their maximum hand size.

Equip Phase

  • Players can equip as many cards as they are able to.
  • Players can only equip one set of weapons*. Possible load outs include:
  1. Two 1h weapons.
  2. One 2h weapon.
  3. Two 1h weapons with one attachment.
  4. One 2h weapon with two attachments.
  • If a player exceeds a loadout, he discards weapon cards until the rule is met. Examples below.

Action Phase

A player may choose to EITHER:

  1. Play an action card from their hand, OR
  2. If the ammo requirement is met for the currently equipped weapon, the player may choose to attack another mech.

Regroup phase

  • Players may send cards from their hands to their ammo pile as ammo for attacks.
  • When exceeding max ammo capacity, the player instead discards the card.
  • Some action cards can be readied to play on opponents’ turns as reactions. These can be set now.

Battleground (playmat)

  • A battleground contains a number of locations that the mechs can travel around.
  • Each location within the battleground grants a different effect/bonus/penalty.
  • The distance between mechs determines their range from one another.
  • Supply drops may spawn at locations every turn. (TBC)

Attacking an opponent

  • Look at the playmat to determine the location of both mechs. This will determine the range.
  • Range determines weapon damage denoted on the weapon card.
  • Roll appropriate die to deal damage.
  • Opponent rolls defense die if applicable.
  • Include all mech and attachment bonuses before applying damage.
  • Damage is dealt by discarding the top card of the mech deck. (NOT the supply deck.)

Terminology Index

  • Mech: A robot controlled by a player.
  • Directive: An objective players need to complete to win the game.


  • Class deck: A specialized deck that is unique for a mech.
  • Supply Deck: A deck of cards where all players will draw from. This contains ammo, movement, and basic skills.
  • Directive Deck: A deck of cards that hold different objectives. This could be anything from defending an area to deathmatch.


  • Battleground: An arena where the mechs will move around in.
  • Battleground location: Single areas within the battleground that have different effects.


  • Mech Facecard: The card that determines all the stats of the Mech.
  • Action Card: A card that affects the field of play.
  • Reaction Card: A card that can be set for future use.
  • Weapon Card: A card to equip onto a mech with attack capabilities.
  • Attachment Card: A card that changes/adds properties to a weapon card.
  • System Card: A card that changes/adds properties to a mech.
  • Loadout: Set of weapons a mech can equip on itself.


  • Drawing a Card: Taking a card from the top of the deck.
  • Playing a Card: Taking a card from hand and placing it in play.
  • Setting a Card: Placing a card face down.
  • Discarding a Card: Placing a card into the discard pile or out of play.

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