Batman: Arkham Origins | Review

Batman: Arkham Origins | Review

Welcome to Arkham. The streets are tough, the baddies are everywhere, and there’s never a dull moment.

A bit of history. This is the third installment of the Arkham Series. It is the prequel to the first game, Arkham Asylum, about 5 years prior in the timeline. It’s Christmas Eve, about two years right after Bruce became batman, and a breakout occurs at Arkham Prison.

Even though Alfred has got dinner warmed up, Batman’s gotta do what Batman’s gotta do, right?




So Batman stumbles upon this big plot to end his life. The bad guy, Sionus Black, hires the world’s greatest assassins to kill batman, via a huge bounty on his head. Sure Batman could stay indoors and pass the night, but what kind of fun would that be? Besides, he can’t just the assassins wreck havoc upon Gotham!



The graphics in the game is stellar. I know in this day and age you won’t expect texture popping or lags or bad rag dolls or glitchy movements, but hey, it happens.

And this game, is EXTREMELY polished. For an open world game, nothing going wrong is mind blowing. Batman reacts well to his environments, using corners and walls in the mix of his combos, and the enemy ragdolls fall… graciously. Ha, what else can I say?

The cut scenes are superb. There is a clear difference in the CGI and in-game cutscenes, but the quality difference isn’t extremely noticeable. The good thing is that the way they laid out the cut scenes really immerse you in the game. It would flow straight from mid combat to cut scene to plot line development and segue back to gameplay.

It never takes you out of the game, and the information delivery is amazingly smooth, like a martini.




Sounds are really good. The environment sounds are done really well, the soundtrack is sweet, and the best part is, obviously, the voice acting. You know, I was kinda disappointing that Kevin Conroy (ICONIC BATMAN) and Mark Hamill (ICONIC JOKER) were not reprising their roles as the previous 2 games, but hey, I was tremendously surprised by the quality of the voice cast for this one.

The voice of batman was done by Roger Craig Smith, and Joker was Troy Baker. These are actually pretty big names in the industry, and what they pulled off in Arkham Origins was nothing short of beautiful. They filled the shoes of their predecessors and I have total respect for them.

The voice acting is just mind blowing.




You get access to the majority of the equipment at the start, and the learning curve is slightly steeper than the previous batman games, as they automatically assume you know ground takedown is RT+Y (triangle) and that combo takedowns are Y+B and so on, without teaching you in some sort of tutorial.

Combat is smooth, if not smoother than previous games, and you’ll find yourself enjoy watching batman using his different combos and moving around and interacting with the environment accordingly. The game mixes it up with hand to hand combat, puzzles which you use your tools to solve, cryptographic sequence puzzles, and predator missions.

The predator missions are, in my opinion, the best. You feel damn bad-ass swooping around from gargoyle to gargoyle, hanging bad guys and taking down unsuspecting sniper watch. Then you sneak around and silently take down foes. Kinda reminds me of Deus Ex. The difficulty is moderate throughout the game. If you’re familiar with Asylum and City, you’re probably not gonna have problems, but on New Game+, clearing large groups of enemies have proven to be quite difficult for me, especially with knives and shields and guns in the mix.

All I can advise you is, keep on the defensive, dodge as many attacks as you can, and fit in as many punches as you can in between without leaving yourself too vulnerable.




In the end, I enjoyed the game through and through. It proved difficult at some points, and I died under 10 times on my second play-through, but it was challenging, and not torturing. I really love this game, and really just can’t fault it. The cut scenes are amazing, and the fighting makes you feel badass.

The story moved at a good pace, and even though there was quite a bit of traveling in between, I didn’t really mind, cause there were a lot of things to do. I got sidetracked constantly, with the many side missions along the way.

I never was short or something to do. I got lost in Arkham City, and I loved every moment of it. The game immerses you, and you’ll soon leave the crummy world you’re in and believe you’re batman. Everything you do, batman say, draws you deeper into that world. Every plot line and development make you yearn for more.

This is really something every batman fan can’t miss.

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