D&D Sessions

D&D Sessions



Welcome to the continent of Marrisea! This is my passion project, a Dungeons & Dragons 5E homebrew campaign setting.


Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), is a Roleplaying Tabletop Game. Players in a game typically take on the role of characters in a world setting, and the game is run by one other person, the Dungeon Master.

A Dungeon Master’s job is to describe the world, and acts as a conduit between the players and the setting he built, allowing them to interact with the people, things, and sometimes monsters.

So if you’re interested, this is a podcast of my friends and I playing D&D in my campaign setting. Have a listen, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂



If you’d like to know how to start playing D&D by yourself, I have a guide to beginning D&D here.

If you like to contact me, you can reach me at kenneth@nerdsomnia.com.



Inkarnate (Map Maker): http://inkarnate.com/

Incompetch (Soundtrack): http://incompetech.com/

Freesound (Sound FX): www.freesound.org/

Ambient Mixer (Ambiance): www.ambient-mixer.com/